Palm Pre Users Want Software Keyboard


It just goes to show smartphone users are picky and don’t have a clue with what they want in their ‘perfect device’.

Palm Pre Apps Reports webOS Update to 1.1.0


First Palm Pre heard rumors of an upcoming update to palm pre’s webOS and now its confirmed.

Palm Pre Holding It's Own Against iPhone Mania & Lack of Palm Pre Apps


The past couple of weeks after the release of the Palm Pre many gadget sites have shifted their focus on the iPhone and the release of the newest model the 3GS.

Will Palm Pre Be Sprints Savior?


Palm has just released the Palm Pre and its been talked about as Palms last chance and Sprints savior.

Palm Pre - Palm Mojo SDK Access!


Here at last! Access to the Palm Pre’s SDK, the Palm Mojo SDK is being opened up to developers in bunches over the next couple weeks.

Creating Intrinsic Ratios for Video


Have you ever wanted to resize a video on the fly, scaling it as you would an image? Using intrinsic ratios for video and some padding property magic, you can. Thierry Koblentz shows us how.

Taking the Guesswork Out of Design


Clients, like other humans, often fear what they don't understand.

Apple Set to Stop Palm Pre’s iTunes Sync


Currently the Palm Pre has great music playback functions seeing how it can sync up directly with iTunes.

Palm Pre Tips, Hacks, and Cheats

With the Palm Pre being only a few days old people have been scouring over the device finding different tips, tricks, and hacks to get the device to do all kinds of neat things.

Pre Games? Contra on your Palm Pre? Actually Developer Cheat!

Reports are popping up all over the place that the old contra cheat has made its way to the Palm Pre.

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